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How to Borrow between Friends and Family on Lending Hub

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Lending Hub has created a new way for you to borrow without needing to deal with the banks. Lending Hub allows ordinary people to use the power of their social network to get a personal loan from their friends and family.

Loan Amount

You can create a personal loan on Lending Hub between you and your friends or family a minimum of $2,000 up to a maximum of $25,000

Interest Rate

You set the maximum interest rate you are prepared to pay on your personal loan ( lenders may of course choose to bid lower than this maximum interest rate).

Personal Loan Type and Duration

All personal loans on Lending Hub are unsecured with a fixed duration of 36 months.

Borrowing Quick Steps
In a few quick steps, you can start a loan listing on Lending Hub and get your friends and family to lend to you in a more formalised way than just 'verbal' agreement or 'handshake'!

Step 1

Join the Lending Hub
community with a username,
email and password
(takes only 30 seconds!)

Join Lending Hub Now

Step 2

Start a loan listing application.
Tell your lenders how much you
want to borrow. You'll need to provide
bank and personal info. (takes about 10-15 mins)

Start Borrowing Now

Step 3

We credit grade (a small fee applies see our fees). You can now select the maximum rate on your loan.
Now just email or call your friends and family to tell them about your loan listing on Lending Hub!

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