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About Us
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Currently LendingHub is not taking new customer regsitrations, we have a sister site at that is focussed on connecting specialists and small and large businesses in Financial, Funding & Growth for Busineses.

You can also see the QuantSpring Blog that ideas and discussions on financing, capital, loans and money in general.

Lending Hub is Australia's first online loan service providing a marketplace for person to person lending and borrowing with a unique focus on rapid loan application processing and strict compliance and security. Lending Hub revolves around people, communities and user-features to create a socialway for real people to lend to other people.

What is Social Lending?

Social Lending (also known as P2P loans, Peer to Peer lending, Person to Person lending or Community Borrowing) is when individuals with money to invest are matched with individuals who need money to fund certain personal or business interests and needs. With the sophistication of online platforms it is now possible for the Lending Hub team to bring you a safe and secure environment where lenders can bid on borrower loan listings whilst protecting borrowers' private information. The Lending Hub loan bidding engine provides the tool to set truly efficient interest rates in an open market. How do Person to Person Loans Work ...


If you are looking for a personal loan and you want a better rate than the banks can give you or you simply just don't like dealing with the banks then very soon you will be able to become an approved Lending Hub borrower and create your loan listing on the Lending Hub platform and lenders will be able to place bids on your loan. Start Borrowing ...


Do you have some excess money that you'd rather lend to a friend or family member who needs it more than you? Then lending to an ID verified, credit checked and approved Lending Hub borrower could provide you with a better returns on your investment than just bank deposits and allows you to manage to whom you lend and how much and at what interest rate. Start Lending ...

About Lending Hub

Lending Hub is a privately owned company based in Sydney specialising in financial products delivered through a digital medium. Our team has extensive experience in building start-up businesses, strategic planning and transactional banking. Our vision Our is to provide Australians with an alternative and innovative way of obtaining loans and funding.

Happy borrowing and lending!
The Lending Hub Team