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How Social Lending and Borrowing Works
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Peer to Peer (P2P, Social Lending or Person to Person) lending is when an individual with money lends directly to an individual who needs a loan.

Lending Hub is a marketplace for matching borrowers and lenders in a safe secure environment.

Personal loan created on Lending Hub can be between one borrower and one lender or one borrower and many lenders.

Borrowers - get a loan at the best possible rate!

  • Complete a quick Borrowing Application on Lending Hub
  • Create an online loan listing on Lending Hub - set how the loan amount and the the maximum interest rate you're willing to pay
  • Your loan listing is visible to lenders who may then bid a lower interest rate in an auction process.
  • Lenders can bid on your loan listing until it is fully funded
  • After bidding period ends a successfully complete loan listing is ready for settlement
  • At settlement we transfer the loan funds from the lenders directly into your bank account
  • Repay the loan in equal monthly instalments
  • You can prepay at any time with no penalties

Lenders - lend at rates better than you can earn at the bank!

  • Complete a quick registration to become a lender
  • Deposit some funds into your Lending Hub account
  • Bid on loans with as little as $50-$100 or more.
  • View a wide range of borrowers' loan listing online and their credit grade
  • Select the loan you want to lend to and bid an amount and interest rate
  • Continue bidding against other loans to build yourself a diversified portfolio
  • Watch and wait as borrowers you have lent to repay their loans with interest

Personal Loans on Lending Hub

See more information on the personal loans we offer on Lending Hub.