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Loan Processing and Reporting
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Lending Hub's Role

Lending Hub is a facilitator and platform helping bring together lenders and borrowers to create a personal loan for the borrower. We manage all aspects of the loan and essentially sit between the lender and borrower keeping both parties identity anonymous from each other.

Steps in Loan Processing

There are 5 steps in the life of loan that Lending Hubs helps manage and service on behalf of the borrowers and lenders.

  1. Loan listing
  2. Settlement
  3. Collection of monthly repayments from the borrower
  4. Reporting
  5. Management of late repayments or loans in default

Loan Listing

We provide a process so that borrowers can be identified and credit graded so that they can post a loan listing on Lending Hub.


If a loan listing ends successfully with sufficient bids to be fully funded then the loan proceeds to settlement. During settlement we manage the collection of funds from the winning lenders and aggegrate them. The total loan amount less our settlement fees and deposited into the borrower's bank account.

Collection of Repayments

Each month the borrower is obligated to make a repayment on the loan until it is repaid in full. We manage the collection of these repayments from the borrower each month and track when and if these payments have been made on time.


As part of the peer to peer platform we track information on all aspects of a loan's life and provide both lenders and borrowers reports online so that you can manage your loan.

Late Payments and Loans in Default

We closely monitor all scheduled repayments and if a borrower is late we will alert them in the first instance and provide then an opportunity to make the payment. Loans in default are managed through a process of communication with the borrower, collection of late payments and if required transferring collection services to a third-party debt collection agency. Loans in Default ...