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Online Personal Loans on Lending Hub
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Personal Loans on Lending Hub

At Lending Hub we offer a Peer to Peer marketplace and person-to-person matching service for Unsecured Personal Loans. Borrowers can use these personal loans for a wide range of uses such as:

  • Credit card consolidation
  • Refinancing another personal loan
  • Education and training
  • Wedding and other life events
  • A holiday
  • Personal home expenses
  • Buying a car or motorbike

These personal loans do not require any direct assets to be used as security and are structures as 36 month (3 years) loans. Each month the borrower will make a repayment until the loan is repaid in full. Each repayment is of equal value and includes both interest and principal repayment.

Any Australian resident who is at least 18 years of age and has an Australian bank account can apply to Lending Hub for a P2P loan.

Loan Calculator

You can see what the repayments on a personal loan on Lending Hub will be through our online personal loan repayments and schedule calculator.

Benefits of a Peer to Peer Personal Loan

  • Reveal from lenders the best possible rate you can get from an auction process
  • Create an online loan listing for your personal loan no matter what your credit history
  • Tell lenders your story and why you will be a good borrower
  • Do everything online without having to go a bank branch!