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How to Lend to Friends and Family on Lending Hub

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Lending Hub has created a new way for people with money to lend to people who need money all within your social and family network.

Loan Listings

Browse the Lending Hub loan listings to find your friend's loan.

Browse Loan Listings

Information on Borrowers
You can look at a borrower's online loan profile to see how much they want to raise, how they will use the loan, something about themselves and also financial information..

Start Lending Now

You can choose to lend to just one friend or to many friends by lending small amounts of even just $100 to each borrower.
More on Diversification

Lending Quick Steps
In a few quick steps you can complete our online application form and start lending and bidding on a loan listing. Once you bid and the loan listing period ends and a loan has sufficient lenders to be fully funded then we manage the loan settlement with the borrower and the collection of monthly loan repayments.

Step 1

Join the Lending Hub
community with a username,email
and password
(takes only 30 seconds!)

Join Lending Hub Now
Step 2

Start the lending application, you'll need your personal and bank account details

(takes about 10-15 mins)

Start Lending Now
Step 3

Now just deposit some funds into your lending account.

Then find the loans you want to lend to and start bidding!

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