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News Watch - What's New About Lending Hub and the P2P Industry
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For the latest news on Lending Hub see below. For the Lending Hub Blog visit for in-depth articles and discussion topics from the Lending Hub team.

Financial Projects Marketplace Launched on Sister Site
Date: 8pm, 28 Apr 12

If you are a business looking to raise capital or undertake a major financial event such as a merger. acquiring a new business or expanding into new markets then check out which is a new marketplace that connects freelance specialists in finance and business valuations and acquisitions with businesses and organisations looking for expert help.

See more at QuantSpring Financial Projects Marketplace and QuantSpring Financial valuations & Modeling Blog

Lending Hub Featured on Channel 10 News
Date: 3am, 22 Oct 09

Channel 10 broadcast a special feature on the growing social lending sector in Australia and interviewed Lending Hub as the example of the person to person service here in Australia.

The interview covered topics and brought to a wide range of viewers a greater understanding of how person to person lending works and how it can benefit both lenders and borrowers. One of our lenders was also featured who spoke about his experience with lending to a friend and some of the reason why he is very excited about the opportunity to lend a small portfolio to other borrowers.

Great news for Lending Hub and the social lending industry here in Australia. We've seen a lot of demand lately and lots of interested people registering on the site.

We will bring you more details on the interview at the Lending Hub blog soon.


Social Lending Now Live on Lending Hub
Date: 10pm, 12 Jun 09

Lending Hub is proud to announce the launch of its full live service after a period of development and testing.

Lending Hub borrower and lender applications are now live. See our full announcement at To start borrowing go to Borrowing Application Form (easy to complete in just 10 minutes or so) and to start lending to a friend's loan go to Lender Application Form (very quick and takes only about 5 minutes or so).

If you want to learn more about loans and person to person lending then our blog has more information and articles at

Happy borrowing and lending from the Lending Hub team.

Lending Hub Completes Demo Trial
Date: 2am, 05 Apr 09

The Lending Hub development team has been working on finalising its peer to peer platform and has now completed testing and trialing of the demo platform at We are now preparing to go live and bring to Australians the first dedicated friend and family circle lending platform.

Lending Hub

US Peer to Peer Lender Closes Financing Round
Date: 2am, 05 Apr 09

See the full story at MarketWatch News.

Lending Hub Demo Site is Now Live
Date: 12pm, 19 Sep 08

The Lending Hub demo site is now live with partial functionality so that users can start getting familiar with peer to peer lending. You can view information at the Help Centre, see likely loan repayment amounts our loan calculator and create a working user account and username.

Take a look around, create a username and get familiar! We'll be launching the fully functional site soon.

Lending Hub Team

New Homepage and Design Revealed!
Date: 8am, 16 Sep 08

Lending Hub has revealed its new design and homepage. Browse around the site to see the new face of Peer to Peer banking and lending in Australia.

Look out soon for when we launch the full site functionality!

Lending Hub Team

Our Blog - Lending Hub Blog on Peer to Peer Lending
Date: 7am, 16 Sep 08

We have launched our blog on lending, borrowing, getting a loan in Australia and the peer to peer industry in general at

We'll be commenting each week on the progress of Lending Hub's progress behind the scenes and we'll also talk about a few of the topics that will impact Social Lending and peer to peer loans over the coming years.

Feel free to browse the blog anytime and stay tuned for ongoing developments!

Lending Hub Team

Is Social Lending an Answer to High Bank Interest Rates in Australia
Date: 8am, 16 Sep 08

When looking for a personal loan at an Australian bank or other traditional lender you'll see that interest rates have risen significantly over the last few years. High interest rates affect all borrowers looking for funding and has made repaying a loan so much harder.



Lending Hub's Social Lending service brings a new product to the Australian market that brings lenders and borrowers together. For the first time ordinary borrowers can have several lenders bidding on their loan which can result in lower interest rates for the borrower.

Over time Peer to Peer lending will bring a new level of competition to the banks and give borrowers fairer and cheaper personal loans. The Lending Hub technology also brings online loans direct to borrowers in their homes, a new technology that the banks aren't able to offer yet.

If you are looking to borrow online for your personal loan to fund maybe a car, or a holiday or a new home extention then why not join Lending Hub and the peer to peer loan revolution!

Secure Peer to Peer Lending and Borrowing
Date: 8am, 16 Sep 08

Lending Hub uses a number of verification steps and cross checks to ensure that security is maximised for both borrowers and lenders. Borrower applications include a thorough credit history check and ID verification to ensure that lenders are able to choose which loans they would like to fund using up to date and useful borrower profiles.

All transactions are processed in an encrypted and security enabled mode with background and fraud-checking of identities, income and bank accounts. In addition Lending Hub uses a range of manual security and fraud detection mechanism to review all activity to maximise the lender and borrower experience online.

What is a Peer to Peer Loan?
Date: 8am, 16 Sep 08

A peer to peer loan (also called P2P or person to person) is when an individual or group of individuals lend directly to a borrower. Traditionally banks allow lenders to do this by placing their spare funds in a bank account at a low interest rate. The bank will then aggregate the funds from a number of individuals and lend money to a borrower at a higher rate.

With P2P loans an online service (such as Lending Hub) will create a platform that allows borrowers to provide credit relevant information in a safe and secure environment and lenders will be able to bid on the amount they want to lend and at their selected interest rate. This unique lending model reduces the overheads (typical of larger banks) and provides a better rate for the borrower whilst ensuring decent returns for the lenders.